What our clients say about us

We pride ourselves in high-end treatments at reasonable prices. We offer fat freezing, cavitation and radio frequency as permanent fat loss treatments. We also offer the latest technology in non-surgical face lifts (Hufi) which targets jaw lines (which Facial Aesthetics can never do). So why not combine the Hufi and Facial Aesthetics to achieve the perfect face lift. Yvette quotes my favourite botox treatment is just four specific points above the lip which gives you the perfect cupid’s bow without injecting the lips (one of the best).

“After having had fat freezing it was much easier than I thought. I could not believe the area that it covered. Yvette did my upper and lower tum and the following day I lost 5 pounds in weight. I could not believe it. The whole procedure took just one hour.”

Jenny, Alesford, Kent

“It is now 3 weeks since I had fat freezing plus the laser lipo and cavitation. Yvette suggested combining the 3 treatments because it quickens the process. I lost 4 1/2 inches in 3 weeks. It does speed the loss of fat by combining different treatments. I am so pleased that I listened to Yvette’s advice. Amazing price at the beauty clinic. “

Brenda, Bearsted, Kent

“So pleased that I went to the beauty clinic. I checked their Facebook page or offers and there were loads of 5 star reviews. It is a little gem hidden off the London road Maidstone with free parking. P.s. crazy Friday beat the blues – 30% off.”

Geraldine, Barmling, Kent

Eye bag treatments

What I have to say about each treatment that I have to do…

Everyone asks us how many treatments I will need. Everyone is different in age, shape and size. What we do here at the beauty clinic is recommend your first treatment and see how you progress. Once we see the progress we can decide how many treatments you will need to continue with. Then we can personalize your needs and treatments to achieve the results that you want so as to not incur excessive spending.