Videos of treatments

Have you ever wanted to know what ‘Fat Freezing’ is all about? Watch our video to find out more and take advantage of our offer of just £90 (normally £250) for a lower and higher stomach session. Alternatively, we can concentrate on your love handles or inner/outer thighs. To book call 01622 685554.

We pride ourselves in the latest, advanced technology in non-surgical face lifts. However, this procedure treats the neck, the chest, the lower face and crow lines to give a remarkable rejuvenation by attacking your own Collagen, thus it multiplies new Collagen that sadly we use through the ageing process. It is a remarkable new technology that has been brought to us.

An easy way to lose unwanted fat. Simply melt the fat away. This is done with a British made ‘Laser Genie’. It simply feels like a warm hit water bottle, but the results are significant. We believe in doing a one hour treatment where most clinics only offer a 10 minute treatment. By doing 60 minutes, the results are very noticeable in addition to reducing stretchmarks – 2 treatments in one.

Here is one of the latest technologies in stubborn fat removal. It works by permanently getting rid of targeted areas by placing an anti-freeze membrane, we apply the machine that grabs the fat and eliminates fat cells by freezing them to minus 5 degrees. The process can take up to 12 weeks for the body to expel the fat. We can quicken the process simply by doing a cavitation treatment which is similar to having a gentle massage which sends radio frequencies which sends radio signals down to eliminate the destroyed fat cells into the lymphatic system This is by far the quickest way to achieve results.