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The Golden Standard For Laser Hair Removal Platform 755nm, 808nm & 1064nm Into A Single Innovative Hand-piece

Trio Clustered Diode Technology:

Ultra Diamond Diode Hair Removal Platform Offers The Synergistic Benefits Of The 3 Most Effective Wavelengths For Hair Removal, Each Targeting Different Structures Within The Hair Follicle. The 3 Main Anatomical Targets Include The Bulge, Bulb And Papilla.

So You Can:

– Grow With Benefit From A Rapid Return On Investment Increase Your Patient Satisfaction
– Build Up Your Clinic Prestige No Topical Anesthetic Required
– Reduce Treatment Times Up To 45% Differentiate Your Practice
– Grow Your Profits

In Order To Provide You With Optimal Treatment Possibilities, The Portable Ultra Diamond Diode Hair Removal Comes With:

– The “gold Standard” Laser
– Unique Built-in Usa Semi-conductor Cooling Up To 20hz Repetition
– Usa Imported Military Bar Japan Imported Water Pump
– Laser Power Source Tuv Approved Intuitive Software With Preset Parameters And Professional Mode.
– The Unique Features Of The Ultra Diamond Diode Hair Removal, Enables You To Provide Your 

Patients With:

– Short Treatment Time
– Maximal Treatment Comfort Optimal Results Skin Type (I-vi) &hair Color And Texture Adjustable

The Technology Behind Ultra Diamond Diode Hair Removal

The Power Of Three Wavelength

As An Integrated Solution, Ultra Diamond Diode Combines The Benefits Of All 3 Wavelengths, Achieving Excellent Results To Any Mono-wavelength Approach On Its Own.

Celebrating 15 Years Of Award-winning Success, Is Proud To Present Ultra Diamond Diode Platform,

A Limited Edition Platform For 2022 Featuring Trio Clustered Diode Technology. The Platform Edition Combines 3 Laser Wavelengths Into A Single Innovative Hand-piece, Simultaneously Targeting Different Tissue Depths Within The Hair Follicle.

Why Choose 3 Wavelength Into 1 Single Hand-piece Platform?

By Combining The Absorption And Penetration Levels Of Three Different Wavelengths, Along With The Treatment Coverage,  Comfort And Low        Maintenance Of The Diode Laser, Ultra Diamond Diode Achieves The Safest And Most Comprehensive Hair Removal Treatment Available Today.

Why Choose Ultra Diamond Diode?

Premium Usa Military Laser Generator

We Utilize Superior Laser Generator Imported From Usa To Ensure Remarkable Performance, Even Under High-intensity Use At A Variety Of Harsh Working Conditions. The Lifespan Of Laser Generator No Less Than 10 Millions Shots, Which Guarantees The Capacity Of Working Continuously For 7/24hours And Less Energy Attenuation.

Alex 755nm Wavelength

For The Widest Range Of Hair Types And Color. The Alexandrite Wavelength Offers More Powerful Energy Absorption By The Melanin Chromophore, Making It Ideal For The Widest Range Of Hair Types And Color- Especially Light-colored And Thin Hair. With More Superficial Penetration, The 755nm Wavelength Targets The Bulge Of The Hair Follicle And Is Especially Effective For Superficially Embedded Hair In Areas Such As The Eyebrows And Upper Lip.

Speed 808nm Wavelength:

Half The Treatment Time.

The Classic Wavelength In Laser Hair Removal, The 808 Nm Wavelength,offers Deep Penetration Of The Hair Follicle With High Average Power, A High Repetition Rate And A Large Spot Size For Fast Treatment. The 808 Nm Has A Moderate Melanin Absorption Level Making It Safe For Darker Skin Types. Its Deep Penetration Capabilities Target The Bulge And Bulb Of The Hair Follicle While Moderate Tissue Depth Penetration Makes It Ideal For Treating The Arms, Legs, Cheeks And Beard.

Yag 1064nm Wavelength:

Specialized For Darker Skin Types.

The Yag 1064 Wavelength Is Characterized By Lower Melanin Absorption, Making It A Focused Solution For Darker Skin Types. At The Same Time, The 1064nm Offers The Deepest Penetration Of The Hair Follicle, Allowing It To Target The Bulb And Papilla, As Well As Treat Deeply Embedded Hair In Areas Such As The Scalp, Arm Pits And Pubic Areas. With Higher Water Absorption Generating A Higher Temperature, The Incorporation Of The 1064nm Wavelength Increases The Thermal Profile Of The Overall Laser Treatment For Most Effective Hair Removal.


Virtually Painless Treatment With Max 20hz Speed

Ultra Diamond Diode Laser Adopts Energynthat Constantly Penetrates Deep Into Dermis And Coagulate Hair Follicle With Maximum 20 Pulses In One Second. Fast Mode Is Specially Designed To Coagulate Hair Follicles To A Proper Damage Point Gradually With Low Influence To Ensure Both A Painless And Fast Treatment.

Friendly Ui, Easy Menu Navigation

Presetting Treatment Proposals Lead To Easy Navigation. Through Many Years’ Clinical Study, Diversified Treatment Proposals Are Concluded According To Different Skin Types And Skin Areas. Besides, Therapist Could Also Freely Set Treatment Parameters According To Individual Requirements.

Clinical Result

Clinical Proven, Over 95% Of The Cases Are Reported Hair Reduction Of Over 80% After 3 To 5 Sessions Of Treatments. Hair Become Finer, Lighter, Fewer And Grow Slower. After 1 Or 2 Sessions, All Case Are Reported A Hair Reduction Of Over 30% To 50%. The Average Energy Density Applied In Most Of Clinical Cases Are Only 10 J/cm² To 20 J/cm² And Enough Low Energy Avoids The Potential Risks.


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