The founder of the beauty clinic – 7 years of experience has taught me this (I don’t want to get old).

It doesn’t matter what age you are, I am 60 and I want to look good!

Whether it is your body or your face, we can help you.

Over the last 7 years, with my experience I know what works. It is a combination of different treatments. What I need is for you to come and share a unique experience that I can change the way you look.

I just need you to come along to have a consultation with me and I can put together a package with a combination of the Hifu (non-surgical face lift), a touch of Facial Aesthetics and maybe a little bit of filler to take 10 years off you. Let’s look at the body – we all suffer with stretch marks through having our children and carry a few pounds or a massive few stones. Here you will find a caring, sympathetic therapist which I personally pick to achieve the goal you want. So why not pick up the phone and call me – you have got nothing to lose.

Yvette Monroe