If you are suffering from stress, exhaustion, muscle aches and pains or simply feeling the pressures of modern day life – then try our signature massages that will improve circulation , oxygenate the skin and reveal a healthy glow.

Our massage treatments are performed by qualified therapists .

Aromatheraphy Massage

A tired body and over-worked mind will thank you eternally for choosing this wonderful treatment. Let the magic of the oils work their wonder. How would you like to feel at the end of your massage? Choose from: Relaxed, Revived, De-stressed.

30 mins_______£30.00

60 mins_______£45.00


Reflexology Massage

Our reflexologist don’t claim to be able to cure all however a  number of disorders have been successfully treated using this therapy.

These include back pain, sinus problems, migraine, tension and stress related issues, fertility problems, baby inducement, hormonal imbalances, breathing, digestive and circulatory problems.

The majority of our patients find their treatment beneficial and relaxing.

All the structures and organs of your body are treated and it has an incredibly soothing effect on the mind. Reflexology converts claim it is better than having a massage. Highly recommended.

30 mins_______£30.00                          Full body 60 mins_______£40.00




Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a very specialized holistic treatment that uses hot volcanic stones gently heated in hot water .

Hot Stone Massage Therapy effects chemical, physical and spiritual healing within the mind, body and spirit.  Hot Stone Massage is the therapy for today’s over-accelerated rhythm of life and subsequent amount of stress that people carry on their shoulders and within themselves.

Hot stones expand blood vessels, which push blood and waste through the nervous system. This gives the body a sedative effect. Extra benefits when combined  with a head and shoulder massage.

Full body 60 mins_______£45.00


Customised  Massage

Customised massage using  pressure point techniques, to focus on areas of concern,

Full body 60 mins_______£42.00

Part body 30 mins_______£30.00     Choose  any 3 :    Back-Neck-Shoulder-Chest-Face-Scalp-Hands-Arms-Shoulder