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Bags Under Eyes Are Usually A Cosmetic Concern And Don’t Require Medical Treatment. Home And Lifestyle Treatments May Help Reduce Puffiness. But If You’re Concerned About The Appearance Of Under-eye Swelling, Medical And Surgical Treatments Are Available. Treatment May Not Be Covered By Medical Insurance If It’s Done Solely To Improve Your Appearance.


If You Think The Swelling Under Your Eyes Is Caused By An Allergy, Ask Your Health Care Provider About Prescription Allergy Medication.


Various Wrinkle Treatments Are Used To Improve The Appearance Of Puffiness Under The Eyes. These Include Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels And Fillers, Which May Improve Skin Tone, Tighten The Skin And Rejuvenate The Under-eye Area. For People With Brown Or Black Skin, Laser Resurfacing Carries The Risk Of Permanent Changes In Skin Color (Hyperpigmentation Or Hypopigmentation). Talk With Your Health Care Provider About Which Laser Resurfacing Technique Reduces This Risk.

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