Extreme Inch Loss

Do you want to be the best version of you? We are proud to introduce an extremely effective inch loss package!

Our set of 12 treatments utilise the latest technology which combines a combination of treatments –  the effects are amazing!

Firstly, we perform fat freezing treatment with a machine capable of focusing on 4 areas at the same time. This is followed by Laser Lipo, Cavitation and Radio Frequency. Over a period of just 1 month, you can achieve the perfect body! The process also eliminates stretch marks and saggy skin.

We will also help you by looking at your diet in detail to determine whether you would benefit from the use of any additional vitamins or supplements.

Both photos and measurements are taken so that we can track your weight loss. This is all non-evasive, safe and proven fat loss treatments. For a free consultation please call us.

Package cost: £1,500 for 12 treatments 

Payment plan available – please enquire.