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About the treatment...

Introducing the latest most effective fully automated fat loss device. Using a combination of the 6D laser followed by the latest technology with the EMSculpt. The two devices combined create the ultimate loss of up to 6inches. This is our latest best seller everyone’s talking about!

Why choose the EM Dimond body slimming device?

– Fast and easy completely

– No side effects, no downtime, no freezing

– Proven results, average loss of 6inches

– Only low-level laser

The process is simple, the 6D laser breaks down the storage of triglycerides, fatty acids plus glycerol, which is then released through our body’s and through our waste system.

The latest EM Diamond 6D laser works over the body over 360 rotations breaking down fat cells and reducing inches.

EmLaser is a fat removal machine that is FDA-cleared for treating up to 40 BMI. The device reduces overall body circumference with the option to target stubborn areas of fat and cellulite. With an average circumference loss of 6 inches / 15.24 cm, your clients will be more than happy with their results.

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