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Emsculpt Builds Muscles And Sculpts Abs And Buttocks. Unlike Other Body Contouring Devices That Help Get Rid Of Fat Cells, Emsculpt Sculpts Abs And Butt Through Serious Muscle Toning. “it’s Not Just About Fat,” Is The Motto For This New Body Contouring Device That’s Taking North America By Storm.

In The Beauty World Of Body Contouring, You Can Either Freeze, Zap, Massage Or Burn Away Fat Cells Through Many Innovative Procedures (Hello, Coolsculpting, Sculpture, Exilis And Vanquish).

But While Most Of These Non-invasive Procedures Help Get Rid Of Thin Layers Of Excess Fat (You Know, The Stubborn Kind That Just Won’t Go Away With Diet And Exercise), None Of Them Really Address Muscle Toning.

That’s Until Btl, The Makers Of Medical Body Sculpting Devices Such As Btl Vanquish Me And Exilis Ultra 360, Created Emsculpt. The New Body Contouring Treatment Has Given Many Patients Toned Abs And Serious Butt Lifts Through Intense Muscle Stimulation.

Emsculpt Builds Muscles And Sculpts Abs And Buttocks

Emsculpt Is The Only Procedure Right Now On The Market To Help Both Women And Men Build Muscle And Sculpt Their Body. In Addition, Emsculpt Creates The World’s First Non-invasive Buttock Toning Procedure.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt Builds Muscles And Sculpts Abs And Buttocks

Emsculpt Tones And Strengthens Abdominal And Gluteal Muscles Effortlessly And Pain-free By Using High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic (Hifem) Technology, The Non-invasive Technology Induces Supramaximal Muscle Contractions Not Achievable Through Voluntary Contractions.

When Exposed To Supramaximal Contractions, The Muscle Tissue Is Forced To Adapt To Such Extreme Conditions. It Responds With A Deep Remodeling Of Its Inner Structure That Results In Muscle Building And Sculpting Your Body.

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