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So Much Has Been Talked About In Fat Loss Treatments We See New Ideas Coming Into The Marketplace.

With Over 15 Years Of Experience I Have Put Together A Course Of A Combination Of Fat Freezing, Laser Lipo And Radio Frequency. By Combining The Three Treatments The Results Are Amazing. It’s A Simple Solution To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat.

I Offer A Combination Course Showing You How To Use And Treat Stubborn Fat.  The Day Course Will Provide An Overview Of How The Breakdown Of Fat Cells Is Simply Easy Effective.

Fat Freezing: Fat Freezing Breaks Down Fat Cells With Cold Air Which Destroys The Fat Cell Which Is Made Of Fatty Acid Water Glycerol.

Laser Lipo:

The Introduction Of Laser Lipo Assists In Melting Away The Broken Fat Cells.

Radio Frequency:

The Introduction Of Radio Frequency Sends Radio Frequency To Areas Of Melted Fat Which In Turn Sends The Fat Into The Lynthatic System. This Then Passes Via The Waste System.

The Course Is A One-day Course Running From 10am To 4pm. 

The Course Covers

How Our Body Stores Fat And How We Get Rid Of Fat In A Safe Easy Way.
How To Use The Fat Freezing Machine.
Health And Hygiene.
Prep And How Side Effects Can Happen If The Corr3ect Procedure Is Not Followed.
Care And Safety Concerning Minus Temperatures.
Measuring Guides To Correct Temperature Around Different Areas Of The Body.

Laser Lipo:

How To Safely Use 3d Laser Lipo.
Safety When Using Lasers.
Certificates And Safety Standards.
The Importance Of Contraindications.

Radio Frequency:

Understanding Radio Frequency.
How It Works With Fat Cells.
How To Use A Radio Frequency Machine.

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