CPD Accredited Premier Hyapen Pen 1 Day Course

We are proud to be offering our brand-new CPD Accredited  hyapen training course in the UK. The Hyapen pen is essentially a no-needle filler which is such an amazing treatment to offer in your salon as so many people have a fear of needles.

The Hyapen pen can treat lips, fine lines and forehead lines. This is considered a USP (unique selling point) for your business. By completing our Hyapen pen course  can open up many more clients to your salon.

What are the benefits?

+ No Needles
+ No Bruising
+ No Pain
+ No Downtime

What can the Hyapen Pen be Used for?

+ Enhance lip volume
+ Wrinkles Lines
+ Lip Contour
+ Fat Dissolving
+ Deep skin Hydration

How long does the course take to do?

Unlike any other device on the market, we provide all extensive training in the art of anatomy and aesthetics with the help of course director Yvette Monroe who has over 21 years of experience.

This is a one-day course, broken into two segments:
From 10am till 12pm: Understanding the theory and history of the pen
From 1300pm till 1600 pm: Practice with live models

Learning Objectives :
+ Face and skin anatomy
+ How to fill and use the pen correctly
+ Before after Pictures 
+ Contracts and contraindications
+ Aftercare hygiene
+ Mini assessment 

By the end of the course you will fully understand the principles, theory and delivery of fillers to all areas of the face.

What does the Premier Hyapen Course include?

+ 1 x Pen which is fully granted for 1 year
+ 1 x 1.1ml Revolax Filler
+ 4 x Capsules
+ 1 x Medical Gloves
+ 6 x Medical wipes
+ 1 x Hair net
+ 1 x Holdall bag for the above
+ 1 x Certificate
+ Fully Insurable

About The Premier Hyapen 

The Premier Hyapen  is made in Germany, Guaranteed for 1 year, CE certified and gives precise penetration of Hyaluronic Acid Filler into the skin without needles. The Premier Hyapen  allows beauty technicians to deliver the product via a high-pressure airflow alone to instantly augment which contours and enhances lips, fine lines and frown lines.

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Special Exclusive Offer  £850

Note: This is a limited offer and can be subject to change

Payments Terms:

Payments can be made by PAYPAL
We Accept all Major Credit and Debit cards

50% on booking the course (non-refundable)
50% on the day

To book onto our course, feel free to message us or send us an email. We also offer 1-2-1 training.

 Contact Astrid our course advisor on 07738 173947 who will be happy to discuss your requirements