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The New 7d Ultra Hifu With Micro-macro Focused Ultrasound

Unlike Other Hifu Technologies, 7d Hifu Allows The Practitioner To Control Energy, Density & The Length Of The Line. This Enables Tailoring Parameters Combinations To Match Needs Of Each Case.

7d Hifu Is Based On Mmfu (Micro-macro Focused Ultrasound) Technology, Which Allows Ultrasonic Energy To Be Evenly Distributed, Targeting The Desired Layer In The Subcutaneous Tissue. Micro Focused Energy Pulses Direct Energy To The Superficial Layers Of Tissue And Macro Focused Energy Pulses Take Energy To The Deeper Layers Of Tissue. Thanks To State-of-the-art Technology, The Procedure Is Safe And Does Not Require Recovery Time.


· Micro And Macro Focused Ultrasound (Mmfu) Depth Cartridges For Maximum Results

· High Peak Power For Superior Results With Less

· Patent 0 Mm Depth Cartridge Targets The Narrow And Sensitive Regions On The Face

· 7 Different Probes Optional :1.5 Mm, 0 Mm, 4.5 Mm,2.0 Mm, 6 Mm, 9 Mm And 13 Mm.

· Different Frequency Of Each Probe: 5/3.0 Mm Is 7 Mhz, 4.5mm Is 4 Mhz, 2.0 Mm Is 5.5 Mhz, 6/9/13mm Is 2mhz.

· Tailoring Different Combinations Of Energy, Penetration, Density, And Size To Match Different Patient Needs.

· Highly Profitable Roi

·  35% Faster – 7d Hifu’s Enables A Short Session By Its High Repetition Rate, Continuous Pulse Shooting & Saving Time Needed To Switch Cartridges Through The Availability Of Two Hand-pieces.

· Single-handed Control – 7d Hifu’s Light Gun-shaped Hand-piece Allows The User To Control It With A Single Hand Eliminating Exhaustion Over Extended-use Periods.


· MMFU (Macro & Micro Focused Ultrasound) Technology

High- Energy Focused Ultrasound Technology Was Invented To Treat Cancers By Using The Heat Energy Of Ultrasound. The Heat Is Generated In The Focus Area By The Transducer. Without Affecting Unintended Areas Or Layers Of Tissue During Treatment, Mmfu-powered Cartridges Focus Accurate Beams Of Ultrasound Energy Into Target Areas Of Skin Tissue For Lifting And Tightening The Face, And Subcutaneous Fat Layers To Induce Contractions And Disposal Of Stubborn Fat Cells From The Body.

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