7D Ultra HIFU Training

The 7D Ultra Hifu is the latest by combining different radio frequency and combining the vemax head and fractional micro needling in a treatment you can obtain a 10 year younger look.

Yvette Monroe runs a one day course which covers all aspects of the 7D Ultra Hifu where you can use the 5 different attachments to offer 5 different treatments:

  • Vaginal tighterning
  • Hifu non-surgical face lift
  • Body treatments treat scars stretch marks
  • Hair loss
  • Fat loss

All from one machine

Yvette Monroe wrote the Hifu non Surgicial manual and had it CPD accredited. As Yvette says what suits a 40 year old to a 60 year old different combinations of different treatments makes the difference. With her 35 years experience you will learn so much.

The one-day course covers

  • Introduction to Hifu
  • The history of the Hifu
  • Contraindications
  • Safety and how to use the machine
  • Manual
  • Covering all areas of the training
  • Plus afternoon doing face to face training on models
  • How to take pictures and profiles
  • How to do top Ups
  • How much each type of client requires in shots
  • Different depths of cartridges
  • How to do vaginal tightening
  • How to use vemax head fractional micro needling
  • Fat loss

The start of the day is 10 am till 5 pm

You will receive all certificates covering all treatments

Cost per therapist: £850

Groups will receive a discount.


For more information Contact

Astrid @ The Beauty Clinic Maidstone Tel: 07738 173947